How to Choose the Best Event Management Software

Looking for corporate event management software for your company is challenging if you haven’t done any needs assessment or if you have no knowledge about the different products. While event tech has been streamlined in the events industry for the last decade, many event organisers have still not adopted the most recent trends such as using an event management software.

Given that you have already done your research, here are three tips to look for the best event management software for your company:

1.) Check software review websites.

Due to the rising popularity of this type of software, most brands should be listed in software review websites like Capterra. Try to visit the correct software category and see which your best choices are. As you go through each software, try to check all user reviews from past or existing clients. Try to see if there is any bad history in terms of software usability or customer service. Software review websites such as Capterra may also provide rankings based on an overall score.

As you go through this step, the goal is to be very critical in terms of comparing products and finding one which actually fits your profile and needs. It’s a different story to discover a powerful event management software; and it is another to find a software that specifically addresses your needs. This is the reason why you should do a needs assessment first before you start on any research.

2.) Consult Facebook product pages.

With the rise in social media, websites like Facebook can actually help you find the best event attendance software. It is very common for software companies to make their own Facebook pages. Most of these pages would allow people to give reviews regarding their products. While the user reviews found in Facebook are deemed less credible, your role is to think critically and see which ones could have been left by legitimate users. You would also know if you’ve stumbled upon a reliable product because despite its years of existence, it has been constantly garnering good reviews from Facebook users.

3.) Observe company’s communication with potential clients.

When you are done with your research and when you do in fact try to engage potential companies through a demo – or even by just acquiring some information – make sure to check their level of customer service and how they treat potential clients. Try to see if they respond promptly and if they are really interested in finding out about your needs as a customer.

If you are looking for offline software, online event registration or an event app, you may want to research about event planning software.